Yanomami Under Attack!

Devastation left by illegal mining in the Uraricoera River, Yanomami Indigenous Land|Bruno Kelly/HAY
Alto Catrimani, one of the regions most affected by gold mining in the Yanomami Land|Bruno Kelly/HAY
Devastation near indigenous communities in the Yanomami Indigenous Land | Bruno Kelly/HAY
Illegal mining in the Parima region, close to the Venezuelan border|Bruno Kelly/HAY
Aircraft and helicopters on the Jeremias runway, Homoxi, Yanomami Indigenous Land|Bruno Kelly/HAY
Camps in the Yanomami Indigenous Land|Bruno Kelly/HAY
Crater opened by illegal mining in Homoxi, one of the most harassed indigenous communities|Bruno Kelly/HAY
  • Appreciation in the price of gold on the international market
  • Lack of transparency in the production chain of gold and regulatory failures that allow fraud in the declaration of origin of the illegally extracted metal
  • Weakening of environmental policies and protection of the rights of
    indigenous peoples and, consequently, of regular and coordinated
    surveillance of illegal activity on indigenous lands
  • Worsening of economic crisis and unemployment in Brazil, producing a
    large supply of cheap labor to be exploited in highly precarious and
    dangerous conditions
  • Technical and organizational innovations that enable illegal mining facilities to communicate and move much faster
  • The policy of the current administration is to encourage and support the
    activity despite its illegal nature, producing expectations of future legalization
Clandestine airstrip next to a crater opened by mining in Kayanau|Bruno Kelly/HAY
Mining in the Uraricoera River, Yanomami Indigenous Land|Bruno Kelly/HAY



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